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Water Restrictions (Central West)

Let's talk about the recent water restrictions in the Central West and how we can contribute to the salvation of our water supply.
Watering Indoor Plants The best thing about indoor plants is they surprisingly don't need as much water as you'd think. However when it comes time to water, here is the best way you can do it to conserve!
I find the easiest way is to line up shower time in the household (if you can). By using a bucket under your shower head while you adjust the water temperature you can potentially collect litres of water per each person in your household. Another great benefit besides saving water is that while you leave the bucket out overnight, the chemicals in the water have time to evaporate and will leave you with a more filtered H20 source, which your plants will appreciate.
Misting plants If your an avid collector you might collect plants that require high humidity. Meaning you'll be re filling spray bottles all summer to keep up with their requirements. A little short cut to this one is to move all of your plants into the bathroom before you have a hot shower. Once you've finished your shower, move the plants into the bottom of the shower recess and close the door. This way your plants will be in a simulated hothouse environment, you haven't used any water then you normally would when showering, and your plants can get a quick bottom feed of the excess water while it goes down the drain.
Lawn Heres the big one! The amount of water we use watering our lawns is huge! If you see the link attached you can find out what you can and can't do when watering your lawn. Grey water is a huge untapped resource when it comes to households. I personally run a greywater house from my washing machine, you can pick them up from Bunnings for approx $15. If your lawn is further away from your washing machine, a small Shell Pool from bunnings can be used to collect the water. In which you can then collect with a bucket and utilise around your garden. You must treat the water in accordance with NSW Water before using! Please read the link below before you consider using greywater in your home! (The first two links have PDF documents regarding Dubbo Council, please read carefully before doing this system in your home)
*****Warnings with Grey Water*****
Pipes carrying untreated greywater must display relevant warning labels. You can't store untreated greywater, because the bacteria and other pathogens could multiply to dangerous levels. Use it immediately (or within 24 hours), and if it's raining, divert it to the sewer. If someone in your family is sick with gastro or flu or another contagious disease, stop using the greywater. Don't use greywater if you've been washing nappies or using bleaches or dyes. Don't water herbs, vegetables or pot plants with untreated greywater. Your greywater shouldn't escape from your property into a neighbouring one, into stormwater systems or aquifers used for drinking water — in fact it's illegal.
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