Why no amount of advice will save poor quality plants

Why no amount of advice will save poor quality plants

No amount of advice can save poor quality plants. It's a bold statement but let me explain to you just why I say this.

Plants can be poor quality for a lot of reasons. The plant itself isn't always the reason why it's labelled as poor quality.

Before buying your new plant ask yourself this.

We take them home, their green and bright. Two months later- dead. New owners think that they've killed their plants and get disheartened easily.

In most cases this is no ones fault.

And it starts like this.

These things happen. And it's why you should consider the old saying 'you get what you pay for'.

In an ideal world these sort of things don't happen. But when your stock is large sometimes it's just how it works. This is why we say- no amount of advice will save your poor quality plant.

So, before you knock down a plant because of the price think about this.

Your plant have been specifically raised in an environment where it's individual needs have been taken care of. It's positioning, light exposure, water needs (Ph, Chlorine, Fluoride, Calcium, Magnesium etc) have been tested for the specific type of plant. Your plants specific soil needs have been considered (acidity, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels) have been added/not included for specific plants.

In most cases, especially in the central west the air quality provided to your tropical plants can be a huge killer. Most nurseries will keep your plants for an amount of time to treat them in the event that the lack of humidity hurts them. This way you are assured they are going to come home fine with you knowing that they've been shock treated and have the best chance of survival.

So their you have it folks, choose wisely! Check your plants, ask questions. And remember as with any business the service you pay for is the service your provided!

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