Exhanges & Refund – The Jungle Plant Co


Plants and items that are purchased online and picked up or purchased directly from any 'The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd' location including (The Western Jungle Co, The Northern Jungle Co & The Eastern Jungle Co) in person, including direct sales, are assumed to meet the approval of the customer once the customer has  taken the plant and or item from the premises. The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd, therefore, offers no exchange or refund on items if the customer has a change of mind or decides later the plant or item is not of an acceptable standard.

No changes will be available after any item has been processed through checkout.

It is at the discretion of The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd whether orders placed online will be refunded in full before shipping due to the reasoning behind the requested refund. In most cases, a processing fee will be retained if a refund is issued. Once an order has been put through the carriers system, the shipping fee will not be refunded as it has been paid to the carrier.

The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd does not exchange or refund orders once they have been shipped and does not accept returns once orders have been received and opened. Any plant material purchase is assumed the buyer is fully aware of how to care for and manage a plant that has been through transportation and it is sole responsibility of the buyer to care for a plant that has been shipped. You can expect minor leaf/plant damage due to the nature of shipping plants, we will not refund under any circumstance for cosmetic or aesthetics of the plant.

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