FAQ – The Jungle Plant Co
Below are some common questions asked by our customers, if you have other questions, please just send it to contact@thejungleplantco.com
We currently use Express shipping to send plants to postcodes within QLD, NSW, SA, VIC or ACT. No we don't ship to any other states, this is due to Quarntine Laws which prohibit plant material being sent to these states.
No. This isn't to say we won't help you. We do not provide advice considering that all advice needs to be tailored for the condition in which it is kept! We are an internet based business, at any time you need advice you are more then welcome to ask for it. However it will not be given until asked, it is presumed that by using purchasing our items you are aware of how to care for them.
We do not have a physical store location you can visit. Our Dubbo, Cairns and Postage Plant sales are all based online only.
Unfortunatly this is not an option. Our pickup times are available for you to read at the beginning of each sale. If you cannot make it in the pick up times we will not be available until the next following sale. We will not organise our times around your schedule, please make sure to read accordingly.
Please make sure that you check your junk box, our emails sometimes end up in here. We ship out each parcel the following Monday so that we have time to pack them saftely and it gives your package more travel time rather then sitting in the post office over the weekend. We will send out your tracking information within the week however please don't expect it to be active until the following Monday when your package is sent.
The quick answer is no. All our plants are from the same batch, meaning that they are all grown at the same times and from the same tissue/cutting. Your plant will be very similar, and are measured in the mm pot sizes NOT the amount of leaves etc. Please be aware of this before buying. This isn't to say they aren't similar sizes, we HAND PICK all our stock the photos shown are very similar. You will receive a plant based on the mm pot standard (confirmed by horticulturalists). These are LIVE Plants, they aren't machine made- expect biological differences.
Do not remove the 'plug'. All our plants are grown in plugs as this is the infrastructure needed to grow plants on a commerical scale. These help raise plants from when they are young, without them the commercial plant industry would not exist. The roots of your plants will continue to grow through this material, please be careful NOT to overwater as sometimes these plugs can retain moisture. It is best when watering plants with plugs to see if the plug is moist before watering.
At this stage shipping is standard $15.70 for a XL box. We can fit up to 5 Bare rooted plants in a box at one time. If you buy more then 5 plants then you will need to add another box. We are a startup business, so until we become more stable we will have to use basic postage through Australia post.
Our plant shipping method has had a 100% Success rate. Firstly we insulate our Australia Post boxes by adding bubble wrap to the outside of the box, this also adds as a protective barrier. All our plants are shipped bare rooted, and packed in damp sphagnum moss so that your plants will be fed during transit. We wrap this up to keep moisture inside your plant, and then secure your plant to the inside of the box so that it won't move during transit. To top it all off we then fill any gaps in the plant using shredded paper or tissue paper to make sure everything is supported. In some cases you can expect a broken leaf or two, this is just a matter of how it travels in transport. We cannot avoid this however your plant will grow back and be healthy in all cases, sometimes these things just can't be controlled. For any damage like this please contact Australia Post.
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