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Where do you ship your postage plants to?

We currently use Express Shipping to send plants to postcodes
within QLD, NSW, SA, VIC or ACT. We don't ship to any other states due to
Quarantine Laws which prohibit plant material being sent across their borders.

I want to send a plant as a gift- can you do this?

Unfortunately we are not a florists, so we do not offer 'gift delivery'. If you choose to send a plant as a gift please note these will not be wrapped as gifts, they will come bare. At this stage we do not have the manpower to be able to offer this service and won't recognise plants being sent as gifts. Our delivery information can be found in our 'Shipping' section for more information.

How will I know how to care for my plants?

We don't believe in plant tags- the issue is they are made in Victoria so the information only tailors to one part of Australia's plentiful climate! For information on how to care for your plant, please use the 'Chat with Us' or 'Contact Us' pages on our website with your location and we'll tailor the perfect plant plan for you!

Where are you located?

We are located in Cairns, FNQ. You can visit our store at 12 Svendsen St, Bungalow. We are open Thurdsay & Friday 10am till 5pm or Saturday 9am till 12pm. Unfortunatly our greenhouses are not open to the public.

I ordered plants - when will they come?

Please see below for shipping information


Cairns & Far North Queensland LOCALS

Found: https://thejungleplantco.com/collections/big-plants-local-delivery-only

PICKUP: We have a 4 day business layover in which we use to prepare your order - most of our plants are kept in a greenhouse and not instore. Please be aware that we do not do 'instant pickups'. We will send you an email when your order is ready to collect and you are welcome to do so instore hours. 12 Svendsen St, Bungalow. 

Wednesday: 10:30am till 4pm
Thursday: 10am till 5pm
Friday: 10am till 5pm
Saturday: 9am till 2pm


 We deliver locally to certain areas in Far North Queensland. Please use our shipping calculator at checkout to calculate your rate. For area's outside please contact us directly for a quote.

Delivery Information:
  • All deliveries will be completed within ten business days of order, our plants are stored out of town and we cannot do instant delivery. You will receive a notification by email when your items are on their way.
  • We do not provide a gift delivery service. Your order arrival date is subject to the schedule of The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd.
  • Your order will be delivered by a local courier or hand delivered by our company. We will NOT 'ship' any of these plants, however can organise a local delivery company to your area at your cost or please select Delivery at checkout.
  • It is expected that the buyer has sound knowledge of the care of plants before buying. Our couriers will leave your plants out of the sun at the time of delivery. It is the responsibility of the buyer to move the plants immediately after drop-off.

Delivery Terms & Conditions
The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd will deliver your items within a ten-day time frame from order placed via the chosen local courier or hand delivery from company staff. Rates will remain the same. Please keep in mind we are not a gift delivery service. Your item will come as is and not gift wrapped. Due to this, The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd will not take requests for specific delivery days and will only go via our schedule. All deliveries MUST be in a township. Any rural deliveries will be refused and are to be picked up. In the event that there is not an appropriate space to leave your plants, including not being able to enter your premises, we will take your plants back to our pickup depot. You are to collect them from the depot within two weeks. For this reason, please be aware that any unchained animals may result in your items not being successfully delivered. Under no circumstances will we refund or attempt a second delivery if plants are unable to be left at the property. You are able to schedule a second delivery, however you will need to pay the delivery fee again. Our couriers will leave your items unattended, without signature on delivery. It is the responsibility of the buyer to follow up with any theft or damage to property after our drivers leave. We will not take any responsibility for plants after the courier has left them at the desired premise. 




Australia Post Delivery
For all regions outside of our local delivery areas of Cairns QLD, we will use Australia Post to box your plants as ‘Postage Plants’. Rates Below:
*FREE shipping is applied to all orders under this section found at 'https://thejungleplantco.com/pages/everywhere-else'.

Express Postage Box: $18 (orders under $54)
We will ship to any address that Australia Post can reach inside of QLD, NSW, SA, VIC & ACT.
Delivery Information:

  • We will process your order after five business days of purchasing and then post either  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the following week (after the five business days have passed). In the event your order falls within a public holiday day we will hold your plant for the saftest and fastest route.
  • We MUST follow the five business day processing rule to ensure that your plants are picked, cleaned and slowly removed from our greenhouse to ensure temperature shock does not occur in postage. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE for the safe arrival of your plants.
  • Please note an automatic confirmation email will be sent when your order is purchased, please ignore and refer to the shipping information on the top of the section of ‘Shop Plants’ & these terms and conditions. 
  • By purchasing a postage plant, the buyer understands that they are responsible to remove the plant from its packaging immediately upon arrival
  • We will always send your plants in Express Post Boxes, however please note this is not an indication of order processing time but Australia Post route. 
Delivery Terms & Conditions
The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd will pack and post any plants to the best of their ability and send within the time frame. Please note when public holiday occurs within the week, we will send the following run to avoid plants sitting in depots over weekends. It is expected that the buyer/receiver has knowledge of the risks of shipping plants and can appropriately care for the plant after the potential shock of posting. The buyer can expect some minimal cosmetic damage to the plant due to the stress of shipping, including: foliage loss, misshapen plants and blemishes. The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd will not take responsibility for any damage believed to have occurred during shipping. It is the responsibility of the buyer to follow up with Australia Post. If any damage occurs, the buyer must take photos immediately on arrival and follow up with Australia Post. All shipping is non refundable and final. The buyer/receiver agrees to de-box plants immediately upon arrival. Any plants that are not opened immediately forfeit the agreement. Due to the nature of shipping live plants, all live plant sales are final and we do not accept any refunds/returns under the terms that they are classed as perishable goods. By purchasing items the buyer understands that once items have left  The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd and submitted to Australia Post The Jungle Plant Co Pty Ltd are no longer responsible for the condition of items and for damage you must seek Australia Post for information.

Will I receive a plant like the one photographed?

All plants on our website are our own
plants. Your plant will be picked from the same batch of plants as the one
photographed. Please keep in mind plants are grown (not made!) so they will have slight differences.

My plants look like they are in a ‘Death Plug’. Should I be concerned?

Please read our blogs on at to learn more. There’s no need to panic!

How are your plants packed?

We use a method with a 100% success rate in shipping our
plants. We like to pack very tightly using bubble wrap and sticky tape to make sure your plants do not move at all inside the box. Although it would be great for plants not to be as squished, they will absorb the shock if dropped or mishandled.

What do I do after I receive my shipped plants

The best thing is to take your plants out of the box IMMEDIATELY.
Unwrap your plants carefully and give them a water. If there are any damaged leaves, give them a snip (all plants will lose leaves eventually - this isn’t cause for concern) and leave them in bright indirect light. It may take a little while for your plants to straighten out after being packed in a box, but this ensures your plant arrives safely.