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Postage Plant Care

A step by step guide on how to look after your plants after you receive them bare rooted.


1. Unwrap your plants from postage carefully removing all the tape that's tacked it to the box. Carefully unwrap all the materials surrounding the plants roots, being careful to expect some soil fall out. Over a bowl or laying out disposable paper would be a good trick to avoid fallout. 

2. Remove any dead foliage (this can be expected during transit) snipping away dead leaves. 

3. You can choose to do a quick soak in a Seasol bath. Product here: ( This will condition the roots after transit. You can miss this step, if your plant has a plug it's better to avoid this step.

4. Use a 130mm-150mm pot to repot your plant, making sure you use a well draining soil. Pot up your plant making sure not to damage any of the roots. Do not break up the plug, you will do more damage then good.

5. Water your newly potted plant thoroughly after potting. Be aware if your plant has a plug that for future waterings it may not need as much water as most plants. The plug will retain moisture and can be overwatered easily. Please do your research.

6. Enjoy! Pop your plant in an appropriate place for it's needs!


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