Postage Plants Returns

The Jungle Plant Co reserves the right to implement all terms and conditions below in regards to any consumer whom has purchased any of our products that fall under 'Postage Plants Australia' method of shipping. 


Returns & Refunds

Returns can be made if their is any disease affecting plant that consumer beleives happened within the first 24 hours after receiving their package and is the fault of The Jungle Plant Co. To make a claim the 24 hour period starts from when Australia Post delivers your item, the timeframe window opens at this time, regardless of when you open your item. It is imperative you open your box within a few hours of receiving it.  Please open and treat your packaging immediately.  Any damage that happens during transit including leaf snapage, plant breakage or damage to box needs to be followed up with Australia Post. We will not take responsibility for any damage to plants, we take pride in our packaging and ask that you understand whatever happens during transit is an Australia Post problem. In the event you beleive your plant has come with a disease or any sort of biological issue you must contact us within 24 hours of your plant arriving (time starts when Australia Post declared your package as delivered). If you contact us after the first 24 hours of your package arriving you are not entitled to a refund or any sort of compensation. The responsibility remains with the buyer to properly care for their purchase after it is delivered. It is assumed that the buyer has knowledge of their product when they buy and we will not provide any futher information. If you'd like to contact us for help we can be of assistance however we will not take any responsbility for your item as it is a perishable good. 

In the event you beleive that your package has come with a disease and you notify us within 24 hours (including weekends) of this issue we will have a member of our customer service team contact you. You must provide time stamped photos of the plant, and a disease must be identified. We will not refund unless their is a legitimate issue. All plants are checked once when leaving greenhouses, twice when being bare rooted, thirce when being packed and again before sending. We use these four check methods to assure that everything sent is in perfect condition. If you still belevie that we've missed a disease you can then apply for a refund, however you will need to return the plants at your own cost. We will not replace or refund without having plants returned to us first for inspection, this will be at your own cost.


Cancelled orders

The Jungle Plant Co redeems the right to cancel and refund an order at any time, whether due to items not being available or items not fit for transport. 
We also redeem the right to refuse any requests for refunds if the plant does not fit the discretions as mentioned. It is The Jungle Plant Co's final decision to be the inspector of any damage and we will not take any information or opinion as truth until we can prove it ourselves. 


Responsibility of Perishable Goods  

We remind you as the customer that all our plants are perishable goods. You will not receive a refund or compensation of any kind in the event that you cannot keep your items alive. We also make note that we do not send you any care advice, you have agreed to this when entering our website. It is assumed that on purchase you have agreed that you are capable of caring for your item, in the event you don't claim damage within 24 hours of delivery and something happens to your item after this time you take sole responsibility and The Jungle Plant Co will not compensate you in any form. Please we remind you if you don't beleive you are capable please do not proceed with purchase. 

Shipping plants is a risk at the best of times, please note that foliage is not gaurnteed to make it 100% of the time. This is the risk of shipping plants. You may need to cut off dead foliage and let the plant regrow as the root system will still be in tact. It's the buyers assumed responsibility to make these decisions and by entering this website you agree to this resposibility. The Jungle Plant Co will not accept any refunds or returns for perishable items and cannot take responsibility for foliage damage. It's assumed that once purchasing the buyer is aware of the risk of shipping plants and has accepted the risk on their own accord. The Jungle Plant Co forfeits any responsibility after the items have been sent and it is then in turn the responsibility of the buyer. The Jungle Plant Co will pack plants correctly and responsibly to avoid any damage however ultimatley the buyer takes the risk of what happens during transport. The buyer can contact Australia Post for any issuses.

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