DELIVERY & PICKUP (Cairns & Dubbo)
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Delivery around Cairns & Dubbo is available, you must select delivery option upon check out. Delivery will not be offered to any postal address that is not within 15km from Dubbos CBD (location marked at Central CBD Dubbo). Cairns delivery includes all areas inside Cairns within a 25km radius. If you select an address that is not within this range or town, your plant will not be delivered and you will be notified of store pick up only. Please don't assume pickup dates, we are only available when mentioned on the sale. You will need to email us on contact@thejungleplantco.com to arrange another time.

The Jungle Plant Co's delivery service is a drop off service only. We are not a courier. We hold the right to drop the plant off at anytime of day, on whichever day seems fit with our business operations. The purchaser does not hold the right to request drop off times, and The Jungle Plant Co reserves the right to decline these offers. Delivery estimated times are at will of The Jungle Plant Co and we may not inform you of the drop of time. You can expect a text message of the location of your plant if it is dropped of while no one is available. We do try to put the plant somewhere it can not be stolen or damaged by weather. However if you choose the delivery option and are not on premises during this, The Jungle Plant Co holds no responsibility of the condition or safety of your plant. 

Please note if you change your entered address on delivery there will be a $15 Change of Address surchage. This is due to our delivery route system being set once you place an order, we then have to hire additional staff to change the system on your behalf. 

Third Party Payments: Please note if you use a third party payment and the address is registered to an old address we most likely will deliver here. Whichever address your payment method is linked with is usually the delivery address. If we deliver to the address and it is wrong we hold no responsibility of the product this is up to the purchaser. We will not go to the address and re-deliver it. You will not receive a refund or any credit or compensation. This situation is to be at the purchasers fault and we will not be held liable. 


As a customer you can select the pick up in store location in South Dubbo 2830 or Mooroobool 4870. Within 24 hours you will an receive an email with pickup address and scheduled times for pickup. We provide a phone number and email address you can reply too if you need additional times, however additional times will not change our policy. This is of your own risk. We do not gaurntee additional times this is a request only on your behalf.

This is not our business premises but a drop off spot to give our customers access to plants without paying extra for delivery. We offer this service as a courtesy so that we can supply you with more options. When you order your plant it will become available between the hours of pick up and you will receive an email notification when it is ready to collect. The Jungle Plant Co will assume responsibility of your plants from 5 business days of the email notification. After this time we cannot guarantee the condition of your plant and we will not hold ourselves responsible for your plant. Please note the lack of sunlight, air conditioning and other forces can not keep plants at peak condition for an extended period of time. After the 5 days of email notification if you do not pick up your plant, you will not be entitled to a refund of any damaged plant. We will not be held legally liable for any damaged plants that are held at the pick up location longer then 5 days of notification and you will not receive a refund or any type of compensation. 


Returns are only possible within 48 hours of the correct pick up time. Please refer to pick up section for more detail. The Jungle Plant Co will only refund plants that have been returned within 48 hours within the pick up or delivery period. If you don't pickup your plants on time, you are not entitled to a refund due to the condition of the plant as per our holding policy. After this time, refund requests will be denied.

To receive a full refund your plant must be in the same condition it was received in, we will not accept damaged plants. We do not accept any diseased, snapped, broken or dropped plants. The reason of refund must be due to the fact that you believe the plant was damaged before pick up, in which you've noticed damage within 24 hours. Change of mind refunds are not accepted as these sales are prime real estate. If plants are returned and damage can't be accounted for before delivery/pickup you will not receive a refund. If any parts of plants are removed by cutting, snapping or incidentaln (Including, leaves, branches, stems or any plant material) after they leave The Jungle Plant Co we will not refund once returned. This is to ensure that plants aren't taken for propagation and then returned at full price.

You must supply photographed evidence with dates clearly displayed so that we can compare them to our documented records to establish a time frame. The Jungle Plant Co keeps documented records of each plant before pick up so we can compare them to customer photos. Please note these records are for use of The Jungle Plant Co's staff and are not shareable with the public. 

After the 48 hours has passed after your pickup time you are not entitled to receive a refund. All plants are inspected before they are on the truck, after they are taken off the truck, before the sale and once again before pick up. Any fault to the plant is assumed customer damage after a report has been passed and we will not accept returns. If you wish to return a plant within 48 hours of pick up the plant must be in the condition it arrived. Plants are perishable and in turn it is the customers responsibility to take care of the item. The Jungle Plant Co passes the care over once the plant is picked up and the responsibility is then accepted by the customer. It is up to the customer to do their research on each plant, and we will not refund in the event we don't provide information. The customer should research their plant, when asked for advice our advice in general however the customer take sole responsibility for the plant.

Please refer to our shipping section (pickup) about when the plant becomes the responsibility of the purchaser before pick up. We are more then happy to give general advice, but please understand we are not to know the conditions that the plant resides in. Plants are living entities, they require correct conditions.  As an owner you are in sole responsibility after the refund period to care for your plant. We will not take any responsibility or offer any sort of compensation even after general advice is given. Please inspect your plants on pickup/delivery for this reason. 



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