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The Western Jungle Co

Killer Queen Pack

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Do you love Freddie Mercury? Are you a notorious black thumb? Do you buy beautiful plants and then often come home to find them dead a week later. I know I did. We have done the research for you and put together a starter pack for those of you who haven't quiet got the experience when owning house plants. No longer do you need to spend your hard earned money only to over water, under water, over fertalize, not fertalize enough or just plain murder your house plants. These guys are all super hardy plants, and if you want to kill them- you'll have to try really hard! If you need advice you can contact us always, but with this pack in tow you'll learn the do's and don'ts with these forgiving houseplants.


Included: 3 x 200mm Indoor Plants (all suitable for first plant buyers)
Plants will be randomly selected depending on the season you purchase on and availability.

Potential Plants

200mm Snake Plant
200mm Devils Ivy
200mm Rubber Tree
200mm Spider Plant
200mm Cast Iron Plant
200mm ZZ Plant
200mm Umbrella Tree
200mm Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)
200mm Monstera Deliciosa
200mm Syngonium
200mm Elephant Ear

*Please write plant preference in the notes and we can try our hardest to get these included. The plants chosen will be totally at random as a rule of thumb, we cannot guarantee plants. You will be given anything from the list above and if we can get specific plants we will try our hardest however no final guarantee. 


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