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Alocasia Black Velvet

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Alocasia Black Velvet

OUTLINE: The rigid leaf has a velvet feel with black/dark green leaves and white veins.

USES: For colour harmony, a common houseplant looks best in a pot with a vivid colour. appropriate for underplanting in tropical environments.

PLANTING: Choose a spot that receives enough of filtered light or indirect sunlight and is shaded. Make sure that the soil in your plants pots drains well. an be planted outdoors in tropical garden, make sure they are protected via other plants in shade.

CARE: Water the plant frequently for the first 12 weeks or until it becomes established. For optimal results, apply liquid fertiliser at a half-rate every four weeks. For a quick clean-up, remove the old leaves. Indoor plants will look lush if they receive daily spritzes of water and mild watering on a regular basis. During the cooler months, when plants become dormant, foliage may wither. Refrain from feeding and excessive watering until plants produce new leaves. Repot in the spring only if plants become rootbound; at this time, you should remove and repot any newly emerged branches. shield against the cold.