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Acmena smithii Forest Flame

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Compact, thin, low hedging is ideal for formal, native, and topiary gardens. It is a good native substitute for Nandina since its new growth appears in rich red tones before developing to green and has fine, narrow leaves.
A 2m plant that can be kept at a 1m height if necessary to promote the development of more vibrant new leaves.

Pot Size: 140mm

OUTLINE: A compact, extremely fine-leafed lily pilly with red new leaves that eventually turns green. Before the appearance of the white-purple fruit, summer flowers have small, fluffy blooms.

USES: Ideal for planting specimens, screening, and hedges. suitable for topiary and large containers.

PLANTING: When planting, choose a sunny location with well-drained soil. Defend against wind and sea spray. accepts frost.

CARE: Until the plant is established, mulch it and water it frequently. When necessary, prune to encourage vibrant new growth, and feed in the fall and spring with a slow-release natural fertiliser.

GROWTH:  2 m H x 1 m W

*photos examples from google only.