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Acmena smithii Purple Rain

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Compact native shrub with newly emerging purple leaves that contrasts with the existing green. In the spring and summer, little cream blooms bloom. Use as a topiary, screen, or hedge. High psyllid resistance is seen in this strain.

OUTLINE: A Lilly Pilly cultivar that is small and has dense, dark green foliage that can be used as a hedge or screening plant. Lilly Pilly Purple Rain has gorgeous purple new growth that ages to deep magenta, producing a lovely contrast of colour all year long. In the summer, Lilly Pilly Purple Rain blooms with small, cream-white blossom flowers that draw birds and insects to your garden.USE IN: Hedging / Screening, Shrubs

LOCATION: Full Sun, Semi Shade

CARE: Water regularly while developing, prefer full sun with moderate growth rate. Prefer any soil.

GROWTH:  1.5 M X 3M

Pot Size: 140mm

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