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The Western Jungle Co

Air Purifying Pack

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Have you heard about the health benefits plants can bring to your life? Add these babies to your home to increase the air quality. Toxic compounds can build up in your home from everyday chemicals and these guys can help to reduce harmful ones. When your plants absorb the carbon dioxide in the air they take some of the harmful toxins with them, and then filter this though photosynthesis into clean oxygen. Enjoy these benefits in your bedroom, living room or kitchen with our collection. 


Included: 3 x 200mm Indoor Plants (all have air purifying benefits)
Plants will be randomly selected depending on the season you purchase on and availability.

Potential Plants

200mm Fiddle Leaf Fig
200mm Ficus Elastica (Rubber Tree)
200mm Spider Plant
200mm Golden Pothos (Devils Ivy)
200mm Golden Cane Palm
200mm Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)
200mm Boston Fern
200mm Snake Plant
200mm Flamingo Lily
200mm 'Janet Craig' Dracaena
200mm Weeping Fig
200mm Lady Palm

*Please write plant preference in the notes and we can try our hardest to get these included. The plants chosen will be totally at random as a rule of thumb, we cannot guarantee plants. You will be given anything from the list above and if we can get specific plants we will try our hardest however no final guarantee.