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Alocasia Dragon Scale

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Alocasia Dragon Scale in 180mm Plant

How amazing are these Alocasia Dragon Scales, the thick leaves literally look like something you'd see in Games of Thrones! These gorgeous plants are huge for their size, as usual we love to provide the WOW factor.

Watering Your Plant: 

Alocasia like to remain slightly moist at all times, this means it's important to check the soil before watering. It is best to water this plant once to twice a week, making sure the soil is not wet and not dry between waterings. You want to maintain slightly moist soil, pop your finger a few inches into the soil near the base of the plant to see if your plant needs more water. Remember when watering plants to thoroughly water until water comes out of the drainage holes.

During Winter: Your plant lights warmer climates, meaning your foliage may die off in winter. But don't worry! If your plant dies off in winter, keep the top two inches of soil dry watering every 2-3 week and wait until Spring. Your plant will grow back!

Lighting/ Positioning Your Plant:

With all of our plants lighting is KEY! Alocasia can handle bright indirect light, try placing this one in a bright room indoors or patio/balcony avoiding any harsh direct light. It's important to provide all your plants with natural light. This plant is often found on the floor below a rainforest canopy, getting shade from the tree's over top and still receiving some bright filtered light.  

Pests To Look Out For:

Alocasias can be prone to Spider Mites, so it's important to be on the look out for these sneaky little insects. You can find information on how to treat spidermites HERE. You can spray your plant down and wipe leaves with our Neem Oil to help prevent spidermites! Shop Neem Oil  


Tips And Tricks:

We like to think of Alocasias as 'inside out growers' where most plants grow their new leaves on the outside of existing branhes, the Alocasia grows new leaves from the inside out! New growth comes from inside the 'crown' of the plant pushing old foliage outwards. It's common to find that when a new leaf is being pushed out, an old one sags and begins to deteriorate. This is normal, you can wait for the old leaf to rot off or simply cut it at the base. Don't try to save this leaf, as it will do more damage to the plant that's trying to grow.