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Alpinia zerumbet Variegata

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OUTLINE: A huge, erect subtropical understory plant with pink and white bicolor shell-like blooms and large variegated foliage with green and gold stripes.

USE IN: Plant as a striking accent in gardens with a tropical theme. In cooler climates, keep as a container plant by relocating pots to a protected area over the winter.

LOCATION: Plant in a spot with free-draining soil that receives full to partial light. prefers a location that is shielded from the bitter afternoon sun and frost.

CARE: Mulch the plant and water it frequently until it becomes established, which takes around 12 weeks. Water frequently during dry times and in areas with more sunlight. If plants start to seem messy, prune the stems to the ground; new shoots will grow in their place. For luxuriant new growth, fertilise frequently with an organic liquid fertiliser.

HEIGHT & WIDTH: 2-3 m H x 2 m W.



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