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Begonia Plum Pasiley

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Begonia Plum Pasiley

DESCRIPTION: An exotic foliage plant with boldly patterned, big, heart-shaped leaves. 'Plum Paisley' features mature leaves that are plum in hue and young growth that is silver.

USES: A common houseplant used in warm, damp spaces. striking summer plant for a hanging basket or planter. Tropical gardens that are shaded or partially shaded make ideal outdoor underplanting.

PLANTING: Plant in an area with filtered light or indirect sunlight that is shaded or semi-shaded. Begonia rex like a humid environment, so if the air is dry, sprinkle it lightly with water.

CARE: During the first 12 weeks or until the plant is established, water sparingly yet frequently. Be careful not to overwater or overfeed Begonia rex. For optimal results, apply liquid fertiliser every eight weeks at a half-dilution. During the cooler months, when plants become dormant, foliage may wither. Reduce watering and avoid feeding plants until they are producing new leaves. Only repot plants in the spring if they become root-bound. shield against the cold.

HEIGHT & WIDTH: 20 - 30 cm H x 20 - 30 cm W.