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Caladium Apple Blossom

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Caladium Apple Blossom

USES: Ideal for bringing colour to a dark recess in a tropical garden. Ideal container plant for an indoor, well-lit space or a shaded patio.  

PLANTING: Plant in a moist, dark, frost-free area with some indirect sunlight. prefers high-quality potting soil or free-draining soil.

CARE: Once established, water only if the soil feels dry and only when necessary after the first 12 weeks. As the plant grows, feed it with liquid fertiliser at half the recommended rate every few weeks. For a quick clean-up, remove the old leaves. For indoor plants, constant watering and a daily spritz on the foliage will keep caladiums happy because they adore humidity. During the cooler months, when plants become dormant, foliage may wither. Remove the spent leaves, put the plants in a dry, dark spot, water them only every 4-6 weeks, and wait for them to resurge in the spring.

140mm Pot