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Norfolk Gem

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Asplenium Australasicum: Norfolk Gem

OUTLINE: On mature plants, each frond can grow to a height of 1-2 metres and has leathery leaf.

USE FOR: Using layers of underplanting as a feature in tropical garden settings. For a truly authentic forest environment, it may also be placed in the fork of a big tree. suitable for indoor gardens and containers.

PLANTING: Plant the fern with its crown above the soil level in a location that receives full sun to partial shade. To ensure that there is enough of air movement around the roots and prevent moist feet, the growing medium must be well-drained. To keep plants appearing healthy and new and to prevent illness, remove old fronds. Until the plant is established, usually after 12 weeks, mulch and water it frequently.

CARE: Keep moist during dry spells and shield from cold. Ferns require frequent watering throughout the warmer months and less during the winter. They thrive in humid environments. Apply a liquid-based fertiliser every four weeks during the warmer months and a slow-release fertiliser every four weeks during the spring. Be careful to dilute your solution to half the suggested quantity to prevent burn. Plants in pots should only be repotted if they are growing too large for them.

HEIGHT & WIDTH:  1 - 2 m H.


140mm Pots... photos google examples.

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