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The Western Jungle Co

Pet Parents Pack

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Are you a parent to pets that like to chew on leaves? Or a first time plant owner who is worried about the risk of potentially toxic plants? Fear no more. These plants have all been selected for just this reason. These plants are non-toxic to cats & dogs. So if by the odd chance someone takes a nip of a leaf- their will be no adverse reactions. PLANTS DRAWN AT RANDOM.


Included: 3 x 200mm Indoor Plants (all non toxic to cats and dogs)
Plants will be randomly selected depending on the season you purchase on and availability.


Potential Plants

200mm Hoya Carnosa
200mm Birds Nest Fern
200m Parlour Palm
200mm Spider Plant
200mm Boston Fern
200mm Rosemary Bush
200mm Cast Iron Plant
2000mm Calathea (varient)

*Please write plant preference in the notes and we can try our hardest to get these included. The plants chosen will be totally at random as a rule of thumb, we cannot guarantee plants. You will be given anything from the list above and if we can get specific plants we will try our hardest however no final guarantee.